Disfagia: Art'&Letras


Einstein’s favorite image of himself at his home in Princeton by Lucien Aigner, 1940.
Here’s what he wrote to Aigner on the print (translation):
“With the science you are busy
Losing your pants is so easy
The picture however is very pretty
With kind regards
Yours truly
A. Einstein”

Pablo Picasso

If you write because you want to sell millions of books and be famous, then find something else to do. This is the chimerical aura of writing. Success like that is rare. The reality is that writing is a task that has the occupant spending hours alone banging out sentences and ideas on a typewriter where often times hardly anyone reads the work or perhaps no one ever will. If you’re in it for the tours, the signings, and the attention, then what will likely happen is you’ll crank out some formulaic nonsense that can be repeated by a thousand others like you. Why bother? You’re better off playing the lottery. However, if writing makes your bones ache, causes you restless nights, and churns your stomach to no end because what you’re currently cranking out is just not quite good enough, then feed the beast. You’ll be thankful you did.
TBV; from the essay Why Bother Writing? (via wordpainting)


Leandro Klapputh

É um artista argentino e a suas pinturas refletem um pouco da cena em torno do mundo da tatuagem

"Terrível! Terrível! O quê? Ele não está - recuando?" Sim! Mas entendeis mal, se queixai-vos por isso. Ele recua assim como todo aquele que quer dar um grande salto.